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When you visit a Japanese Anime Spot,

 please respect private property, and have a fun trip!

Posts on "Twitter" or "Instagram" may be displayed on this website.

"ANIME 88 GO & POST 2020" may be terminated without notice.

If anyone other than the applicant appears in the photo, please obtain their permission to use the photo before submitting.

Personal information which is provided will be handled appropriately in accordance with the Privacy Policy of the Association.


You will not be eligible for certification if:

If the content of the submitted report cannot be verified(if it does not comply with the rules, or it contravenes cautions, etc.)

If the same "Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plate" is reported multiple times (this will be counted as one plate)

If objects other than the "Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plate" are photographed (e.g., only the Anime Spot "Certificate")

 If the photo is against public order and morals, or contravenes laws and regulations

If a photo taken by another person is reported

If the copyright, portrait rights, and other rights of a third party are infringed

If a third party is slandered, or its privacy is infringed

If the content includes any material that slanders an anime work or related parties

If personal information or personally identifiable information is posted

If facilities of educational institutions such as schools are photographed

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