On April 7th, 2020, a state of emergency was officially declared in Japan based on the revised Act on Special Measures against Pandemic Influenza. We ask everyone participating in ANIME 88 GO & POST!! 2020 to act and judge in accordance with the state of emergency. Also, please bear in mind the local policies and requests concerning the prevention of coronavirus infection for each area. I hope that everyone will be able to participate more actively once the situation returns to normal and everyone can tour the places regarding anime without worry.


Get an "Anime Tourist Certificate” by photographing "Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plaques"

Eat, play, and have fun at the

"Japanese Anime 88-Spots"all over Japan,

and tell the world about your trip experience on SNS.

Aim to be a three-star anime tourist!

There are a lot of places in Japan that have become the backdrops of Anime.
And museums dedicated to famous Anime creators are there across the country.
The Anime Tourism Association has been selecting places where eager Anime fans gather as "Japanese 88 Anime-Spots" and installing certification plaques to those spots.

Let's photograph these plaques, and post the photos with the hashtag "#ANIME88" on your SNS account!

The Anime Tourism Association will award an "Anime Tourist Certificate" (digital data) to you according to the number of the "Certification Plaques of Japanese 88 Anime-Spots" that you photographed!

Since the "Anime Tourist Certificate" can be upgraded from "One-star Anime Tourist" to "Three-star Anime Tourist" according to the number of posts,
Let's visit as many Anime-Spots as possible to be a "Three-star Anime Tourist!"

  1. Register on the application page
  2. Go to "Japanese Anime Spots" where "Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plaques" are installed, and photograph the plates
  3. Post the photos on SNS with the hashtag "#ANIME88"
  4. Report the date or URL of the SNS post on the achievement page. If the content of your post is verified, you will receive an "Anime Tourist Certificate" (digital data) by e-mail.

Your "Anime Tourist Certificate" will be upgraded according to the number of "Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plaques" photographed (posted)

10 photos →
Three-star Anime Tourist Certificate

5 photos →
 Two-star Anime Tourist Certificate

2 photos →
 One-star Anime Tourist Certificate


The "Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plaque" must be shown in the photo

The hashtag "#ANIME88" must be attached

Posts must be submitted within the application period (by Sunday, December 20, 2020)

The SNS used for posting must be accessible from within Japan
[Examples of SNS] Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Weibo, etc.

*Achievement Reports can be made any number of times

● If you report two "Japanese Anime 88-Spots Certification Plates" the first time, a "One-Star Anime Tourist Certificate" will be awarded.

● After that, if 5 plates are reported within the application period, including the 2 already reported, a "Two-Star Anime Tourist Certificate" will be awarded.

● After that, if 10 plates are reported within the application period, including the 5 already reported, a "Three-Star Anime Tourist Certificate" will be awarded.

● If 11 or more plates are reported, they will be reflected in the "Current Top Tourist" ranking at the bottom of this page, but there will be no further additions or updates to the "Anime Tourist Certificate".



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